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Drain Cleaning

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services in Iron Mountain, Upper Michigan

Michigan winters can be long, cold and brutal. Likewise, the summers can see prolonged periods of very high temperatures. Both of these extremes can damage your drains, pipes and plumbing. Our sewer and drain services offer the newest technology in drain camera service and underground pipe tracking.


Cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and even burst. High heat brings problems, too. Frequent use of your air conditioning unit can cause the condensate drain to malfunction. The unit can clog or drain improperly, which can result in damage to both the air conditioner itself and even your home.


Toilet backups are another problem you want to avoid at all costs. Aside from the smell and general unpleasantness, a backup can also cause costly damage to your bathroom and even the lower floors of your house. Regular maintenance from an experienced plumbing professional can keep your sewer line clear.


We offer a variety of solutions for the potential seasonal issues Iron Mountain weather can bring. The weather in Dickinson County, Michigan, and Florence County, Wisconsin, can vary wildly from season to season. For over 90 years, Miller Plumbing and Heating has worked with customers throughout Iron Mountain and the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We have four generations of experience with how the unique climate we enjoy in our part of the world affects local pipes and sewer lines.


State-of-the-art drain cameras allows us to view sewer lines even when the ground is covered in snow and ice. This ability to precisely locate problems in the sewer saves time and manpower by avoiding needless digging and exploration. Your drainage and sewer system will be cleared quickly with no structural damage.


Trusted Professionals


Many people try to handle drain clogs and backups on their own. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause unforeseen problems. Harsh drain chemicals can corrode pipes, which can lead to leaks and other major problems. Plus, drain cleaners are unsafe to use around pets and small children.


The professional drain cleanings offered by Miller P&H are a safer, more efficient solution. Our expert team will be able to clean your drains and sewer line with our high-pressure water equipment, which leaves behind no dangerous chemical residue.


24 Hour Emergency Sewer Problem? Call Us Anytime!


If your toilet is currently overflowing, or you’re experiencing any other type of water leak or plumbing emergency, call us right now at (906) 774-1117. We’re available for emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


One of the best ways to prevent drain problems in general is with regular, professional drain cleanings. This will keep your pipes flowing obstruction free. As the seasons start to change, we recommend both residential and commercial customers have the pipes and sewer line inspected for potential issues.


Ideally, you’ll want to schedule a cleaning before the start of winter and another before summer. These are the times when the weather in the Upper Peninsula will have the biggest effect on your pipes and sewer line.


Residents of Iron Mountain and the surrounding area have trusted Miller P&H since 1923. If you’re looking for sewer and drain cleaning in the Micropolitan Statistical Area, we’re the local plumbing experts you can trust.

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