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HVAC Maintenance & Repair

We Install, Maintain & Repair Heating and Cooling Systems In Residential And Commercial Properties In Iron Mountain and surrounding areas.

When your Heating and Air Conditioning system isn’t working properly, the entire household or office can be negatively affected by heat or cold. At Miller Plumbing, Heating & A/C our mission is to provide the highest levels of workmanship, integrity, and put the needs of our customers first at all times. If you your heating or a/c system needs repair, contact our experts today for a free quote, or call (906) 774-1117.


The ironic part is that your HVAC is more likely to have problems just when you need it the most. Severe weather of any temperature can cause your HVAC unit to malfunction. For instance, in the hot summer months your A/C might be working overtime. This can cause the condensate drain to become partially or even completed obstructed.


Older furnaces and air conditioning units are more likely to develop seasonal-related issues. This doesn’t mean a new unit is always the best option, however. Regular, professional maintenance can extend the life and efficiency of your existing HVAC system. Maintenance and repair is almost always easier and less expensive than buying new.

We offer everything you need to keep your existing HVAC system in great working order even during the hottest summers and coldest winters.


Our Maintenance and Repair Services include the following services:


  • Heating System Inspections
  • Cooling System Inspections
  • HVAC System Repairs
  • Heating/Cooling Maintenance
  • Heating and Cooling Installations
  • HVAC System Replacements


We provide maintenance and repair to both homes and commercial locations throughout Iron Mountain. We have a 70 mile service area which includes HVAC services for Dickinson County and the surrounding areas.


Whether you have a small home, a large commercial structure or anything in-between, we’ll help ensure your air systems are operating safely, reliably and at maximum efficiency.


The Miller Plumbing, Heating and A/C Difference


For over 90 years, Miller Plumbing, Heating and A/C has provided Heating and Air Conditioning solutions to Upper Michigan. We understand the unique weather challenges HVAC systems are exposed to in Michigan and Wisconsin. Our Heating and Cooling system inspections will help keep your home or office comfortable all year long.


Our expert team is led by Tim Miller, a third generation HVAC specialist with over 40 years of experience. Miller Plumbing, Heating and A/C is fully licensed and insured for Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning maintenance, repairs and installations in both Michigan and Wisconsin.


A member of our team will arrive to your site and conduct a thorough inspection of your heating and cooling system. We use flexible cameras and other advanced equipment to analyze your entire ventilation structure. This allows us to find potential problems which other service providers might easily miss.


Every team member is an expert in both HVAC systems and customer care. You can expect friendly, prompt service with no high pressure sales.


Regular, routine maintenance can prevent numerous HVAC-related issues from occurring later on. Don’t wait until the hottest or coldest time of the year to discover something is wrong with your HVAC system. Have your home or office ventilation system inspected and prepped before the season changes.


To schedule an appointment, or request additional information, please use our Contact From or call us at (906) 774-1117.

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Residential HVAC Installation
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